Christine König Galerie, Vienna
11 - 12 / 2015

Natalia Zaluska’s works are located in the intellectual realm of Minimal Art without their potential being fully tapped here. Again and again her canvases displays irregularities, ruptures, scrapes, scratches that disrupt the harmony of a perfect geometry and break the formal illusionism of an art replete with intact beauty. A dialectics of the Apollonian and Dionysian emerges, eliciting a feel for the vulnerability of things and human beings. “Die artist activates the surfaces and creates a sensual polylogue between the layers of her works,” as Adam Budak writes. “Here aesthetics is both detached and contrived, soft and violent, minimalist and neo-baroque.”

In light of contemporary relativisms and diversities Natalia Zaluska’s art could be said to be post-heroic avant-garde après la lettre. The artist often derives impressions of nature from her formal repertory, which she then condenses and abstracts to create her primary structures. Here it is about sensuous variations of a strategically limited expressive idiom. It is precisely this limitation that opens up new perspectives of various forms of a relief-like protrusion and infinite possibilities of linking and violently deconstructing basic geometric figures.

Natalia Zaluska’s works create a sensibility for micro-calibrations of vision: lines, color fields, triangles and gradations of pastel shades of color merge in variations of repetitions / sequences to bring forth an aesthetic gesture which reflects a self-contained artistic vision behind which one can, however, catch glimpses of the demonic mask of Dimitrios. - THOMAS MIESSGANG, 2015